Introducing a new, exclusive and innovative cable protection and installation technology for the UK’s onshore energy and utility industries.


Reduce time, cost and your carbon footprint.

The ECO Alternative

The production, transportation and placing of the surround material contribute a significant proportion of the cost of any underground utility installation project and has a significant environmental impact. For example, a typical direct buried, continuously rated, 33kV underground cable circuit in the UK requires around 700 - 800 tonnes of processed sand per kilometre of circuit. In terms of road haulage alone, this is the equivalent of 40 HGV tipper journeys for every kilometre of circuit installed.

Clearly, a viable alternative protection solution to the sand surround is needed to reduce the cost and the environmental impact of utility installations, particularly as we all strive to achieve net zero.

The innovative cable protection system from Eco Cable Protect UK provides a low cost, low environmental impact, protection alternative for cable and pipe laying projects across the UK. The protection system can be applied on or off site to standard cables/pipes. On site, the process works alongside existing trenching/trenchless processes and no other specialist equipment is required.

How it works

More efficient. More effective. More environmentally friendly!

The essence of the system is the application of a protective wrap in a continuous wrapping process using our bespoke wrapping machine. Two types of wrap are available Rockshield (a PE mesh) or Dafigaine HTA 1000 (a woven fibre geotextile).

The mesh structure of our Rockshield protective wrap allows only fine materials to pass through during backfilling, thus protecting the buried cable from sharp-edge rocks but at the same time letting the cable be in direct contact with the ground for optimal heat dissipation making it ideal for high voltage power cable protection.

We have had samples of Rockshield tested at Strathclyde University’s Advanced Materials Research Laboratory, which demonstrated that the thermal resistivity of the Rockshield was less than 0.1 (m2- K). W-1, which is significantly below the ENATS maximum values allowed for sand surrounds for HV cables.

Here is a short video showcasing our innovative cable protection and installation technology in action.


Wrapping Machine

  • The machine was designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany by our partner, Cable Protect Europe
  • Settings can be adjusted to meet specific project requirements for wrapping single cable or multiple cable bundles up to 180mm diameter
  • It is remote controlled with variable speed settings and a load capacity of 1200kg

Cable Wrappings

  • The protective jackets are made of Geotextile (Dafigaine) and Polyethylene (RockShield)
  • These permeable wrappings are available in different sizes and colours
  • Compact and lightweight design make it easy for handling and transportation


Save Time & Money

  • More time-efficient, cost-effective and streamlined laying operation
  • Requires less staff, materials, handling, vehicles, machinery, equipment, movements and fuel
  • Avoids the use of sand which is traditionally quarried, shipped and transported to site
  • Allows full reuse of excavated soil, eliminating waste and the need for disposal

Improved Performance

  • Makes challenging locations and difficult ground conditions more easily accessible
  • Wrapping provides higher quality protection, improving performance and operational life
  • Allows for optimal electrical transit through efficient heat dissipation
  • In trefoil formation the cables are continuously secured in position without the requirementfor additional banding/ties

Environmental Impact

  • Carbon emissions greatly reduced with no quarrying and minimal transportation to/from site
  • Fewer vehicles and machines required and for less time, with shortened project durations
  • A typical single HGV load of Rockshield is sufficient to wrap 17km of 33kV circuit, eliminating around 680 tipper movements to deliver the equivalent amount of sand surround.
  • The wrap system is seamlessly compatible with trenchless technology which minimises disruption to landscapes and natural habitats helping support positive reinstatement and protect biodiversity

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